David Espinel brings experience and professionalism

With over 30 years experience, David Espinel delivers quality drumming wherever plays. From live shows to studio tracks, David brings a professional attitude and the ability to quickly pick up the necessary beats and musical style.

David has played many live shows, taught students better technique and laid professional tracks for multiple studios and albums. Having experienced the many faces of the music industry, David brings a wealth of knowledge and has contributed to the success of many of his aquaintences. His business acumen has also helped many overcome the challenges of growing a fan base.

Live Shows

David has played all across North America

From music festivals to pubs, David has played in front of thousands of people. His ability to quickly pick up songs has made him popular as a fill-in and as a full time member multiple bands. He has toured across Canada and the US and has played venues from The Whiskey A Go Go to his local church.


David has taught proffessionally for years

David has worked as a professional drumming teacher and has taught children and adults to improve their technique.

David's Faith

David is a strong believer in Jesus Christ

David has made his love for Jesus Christ clear and has declared Him to the many people that he comes into contact with.